Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Using Information Products That You Have Resell Rights For To Make Money Online

You've done it, I know I have; bought a slew of information products or software, in an attempt to start an honest internet business. Well, now we have all this stuff. How do we sell it?

Let's say you registered a domain name that is geared toward your selected market.(you are a reseller of targeted traffic, so you registered "massivetraffichere.com", or something, you get the point.

You then have set up a blog, and your topic has something to do with getting traffic. You've posted on other top ranked blogs, of similar topic to hopefully get traffic from those linkbacks. Maybe you incorporated Adsense into your blog so that you get served ads relevant to your topic, and get paid for every click on those ads. Also, you can put links to other sites relevant to your topic; and don't forget your links/banners for the affiliate programs you are in.

You want to use either PLR(private label rights) articles(re-written to be at least 40% unique) or actual excerpts from your product sales pages, and write a free sample report, and put it in an e-book format,(.pdf) which is easy enough to do, as there is plenty of free software that you can use for this.

Now, at the end of this "report", you will have a link to your product sales page, because if someone downloads your report, obviously they are interested in that topic; given the fact that your report is directly related to your product, this person/potential customer is very targeted.

Even better, you set it up so that when someone clicks on the link for the free report, they will be taken to a lead capture page, where they have to give you their name and email address (preferrably subscribing to an auto-responder email series, newsletter etc...) before being taken to the download page of the free report. Hopefully they will purchase your product, but even if they don't, you now have a list that you can build a relationship with and market your product(s) to. These people are much more likely to buy than just some visitor to your site.

Offer free products along with your report to motivate them to sign up; you can even offer bonuses with their product purchase, just to give them more incentive to buy. There actually is a step-by-step method to make easy money online

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